Mr Lonely

Mr. Lonely (STASH 3 / STONERS)

What’s going on Stonerds?  Hope you’re all having a great week!  Let’s give it up for another Stoner from the first Kickstarter, Mr. Lonely.  Mr. Lonely is a lower tier Stoner CannaBeast with a base attack of 60 and a base attack of 90.  This poor sad little guy isn’t the most effective, especially for Stoners, so if this beast finds its way into your stash it’s another one of those beasts that is best going to be used as a tribute for a stronger CannaBeast.

If built into a Stoner focused stash you add quite a bit of potential to your Mr. Lonely, increasing its max possible attack into the 200’s+ making it into a formidable beast.  That being said it’s always a stretch and a gamble to equip your precious limited Stoner buff cards so choose wisely.




Mr. Lonely: Pairs well with

Danksgiving Roast: Attach this roast to any Stoner you control on the field to gain 50 attack & 50 defense. (Nutrient, Stash1)

Light Up: Equip one Stoner with this card and as long as this card is on the field the selected Stoner gains 50 attack. When the Stoner leaves the field, send this card to the ashtray. (Nutrient, Stash 3)

Santa’s Smoke Shop: All Stoner cards you control gain 30 attack until the end of this turn (Nutrient, Stash 1)


 Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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