Pincher List


Pincher List (STASH 1 / AMBUSH)

How’s it going my fellow Stonerds?  On this fine Tuesday we’re giving it up for another Ambush card released with the Winter Blazed mini set, Pincher List.  Pincher List has a stash limit of one and is a fairly straightforward card.  When played your opponent must skip their draw step the following turn, which isn’t the strongest card effect but it can be just enough to be annoying and prevent your opponent from getting a card they ‘need’ this turn.  The ideal scenario would be waiting for your opponent to play a card like a Smoke ‘N Gogh where they can rearrange the top couple cards of their stash before playing your Pincher List so you can at least halt them for another turn, hopefully giving yourself enough time to counter.

Pincher List can be successfully utilized in any kind of stash and will work out best for you when paired with other denial and showstopping cards that can throw a wrench in your opponent’s plan, and it can be very satisfying during play when you pull these off.



Pincher List: Pairs well with

Your opponent setting themselves up.


Thanks Cannafam! Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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