Santa's Smoke Shop

Santa’s Smoke Shop (STASH 1 / NUTRIENT)

How’s it going my little Stonerds?  Today we’re giving it up for another awesome Nutrient card released with the Winter Blazed mini set, Santa’s Smoke Shop.  Another Nutrient card that does wonders for Stoners Santa’s Smoke Shop, when played, buffs all Stoners under your control by 30 attack until the end of the current turn.  And it may only be for one turn, but this is one of the rare situations you can buff all of your Stoners with the same card.

If you’re building a Stoner focused stash this card and yesterday’s Card of the Day Hike N Grind are a perfect combination of Nutrients to round out your stash.  If you have both cards in play that gives you a buff to every Stoner you have on the field and doubles their battle damage, which makes for a nasty combo, if played together at the right time you have to potential to rack up some serious damage on your turn.  Especially if you have five Stoners out on your field, being able to buff all of them even if for only one turn just sounds too good to pass up.


Santa’s Smoke Shop: Pairs well with

Hike N Grind: As long as this card is on the field battle damage involving stoners is doubled. You can have only 1 "Hike N Grind" activated at a time. (Nutrient, Stash 3)



Thanks, Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

 --Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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