Switcheroo (STASH 1 / AMBUSH)

What’s happening Stonerds?  Today we’re giving a shoutout to one of the best Ambush cards in the game, released with the first Kickstarter set, Switcheroo.  Switcheroo is one of the few cards that I recommend adding to every stash you build and honestly if you don’t, you’re making a mistake.  You can play Switcheroo whenever your opponent declares an attack or activates a card effect, letting you change the target of their action.  This is such a playable card it’s silly not to include it.   There are just so many situations where Switcheroo is the perfect card to counter most situations, it’s a shame it has a stash limit of one but it if was any higher it would be way too overpowered.

When your opponent declares an attack you have to option to use Switcheroo to change their target, the best options will typically be their own beasts.  What’s a better counter than having your opponent attack one of their own CannaBeasts?  I’ll tell you what, if both you and your opponent only has one beast on the field you can redirect their attack to deal the full damage to their own pounds directly.

Always try and think outside of the box and through all possible uses for the cards being played, sometimes wording gives you options to Switcheroo cards you may not have thought of earlier.  Smoke Guzzler is the perfect example, being a buff card, you wouldn’t likely think of it as an option, its wording lets you snag it from your opponent mid play buffing your own CannaBeast instead of theirs.

The big thing with Switcheroo is you only have one so make sure you weigh your options before deciding to use it in game.



Switcheroo: Pairs well with

Damn near any situation.


Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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