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Chronic Plague Doctor (STASH 3 / STONERS)

Good aftermorning Stonerds!  Break out the corn cob pipe ‘cause we’ve got the Chronic!  One of the top Stoners from the first Kickstarter set, Chronic Plague Doctor is a two tribute CannaBeast with a stash limit of one.  Coming in hot with a base attack of 265 and a base defense of 245 Chronic Plague Doctor is a beast that will have little to no issues handling its own once you’re able to get it planted on the field. 

Chronic Plague Doctor will easily find a place in any kind of stash to decent effect, many times I’ve very successfully had CPD as my strongest CannaBeast in an otherwise Hybrid/Sativa/Indica focused stash.  Honestly, one of my favorite ways to use some of these high-test Stoner CannaBeasts is as a sort of supplement to building a stash focused on another strain.  Especially when you mix and match your buff cards.

If building a Stoner stash around Chronic Plague Doctor you will have massive potential.  With the variety of buff cards catering to Stoners you can reach some crazy highs.  With only one Light up or Danksgiving your Plague Doctor will be buffed to over 300 attack.  If you’re lucky enough and manage to get multiple you have the max potential to reach upwards of 500 attack.



Chronic Plague Doctor: Pairs well with

Danksgiving Roast: Attach this roast to any Stoner you control on the field to gain 50 attack & 50 defense. (Nutrient, Stash 1)

Light Up: Equip one Stoner with this card and as long as this card is on the field the selected Stoner gains 50 attack. When the Stoner leaves the field, send this card to the ashtray. (Nutrient, Stash 3)

Santa’s Smoke Shop: All Stoner cards you control gain 30 attack until the end of this turn (Nutrient, Stash 1)

Smoke Guzzler: When this card is activated it is equipped to target CannaBeast. Boost the attack and defense of the target CannaBeast by 15. (Ambush, Stash 1)


Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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