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Michael Mayerwanna (STASH 3 / STONERS)

What’s going on Stonerds?  Let’s shine a light on another awesome Stoner CannaBeast from the High Spirits set, Michael Mayerwanna.  Michael Mayerwanna (MM) is an awesome mid-ranged Stoner that has a stash limit of three and comfortably sits towards the top of the no tribute CannaBeasts with a base attack of 170 and a base defense of 130, making Michael Mayerwanna the non-tribute stoner with the second highest base attack.

If you manage to equip Michael Mayerwanna with a Light Up you can buff it up to 220 attack with one of them which will put your MM in the same ballpark as the one tribute CannaBeasts.  If you’re able to get all three light ups on your MM it can be buffed to a maximum of 320 attack which is monstrous in and of itself.  But as always with Stoners I hesitate on equipping your non tribute Stoners with your limited buff cards, personally unless it’s a make-or-break situation I will always try and reserve them for my tribute CannaBeasts.  To avoid this conundrum completely you can build out the lower end of your stashes with Stoners and keep the higher end of your stashes focused on another strain.


Michael Mayerwanna: Pairs well with

Danksgiving Roast - Attach this roast to any Stoner you control on the field to gain 50 attack & 50 defense.  (Nutrient, Stash1)

Light Up – Equip one Stoner with this card and as long as this card is on the field the selected Stoner gains 50 attack. When the Stoner leaves the field, send this card to the ashtray. (Nutrient, Stash 3)

Santa’s Smoke Shop – All Stoner cards you control gain 30 attack until the end of this turn. (Nutrient, Stash 1)


Thanks Cannafam! Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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