Card of the Day 4/27






When your opponent draws a card due to a CannaBeast's ability or card effect, their turn is ended.



Puffed and Passed (STASH 1 / AMBUSH)

What’s going on Stonerds?  Today we’ve got the other Ambush card from the High Spirits set, Puffed and Passed.  Puffed and Passed is a solid Ambush card with a stash limit of one that you can play whenever your opponent has drawn a card from one of their CannaBeast’s abilities or from a card effect; their turn is ended upon use.  This can be a great play, anytime you can skip phases of your opponent’s turn you will want to take advantage.

Puffed and Passed is a great addition into any stash despite there being no guarantee that your opponent will have draw cards in their stash I personally think the gamble is worth it, if that’s something you’re truly concerned about just make sure you have some discard card options to offset anything unplayable.  The ideal play situation would be when your opponent draws at least several cards, the more the better, play Puffed and Passed and end their turn.  A way to cap it off would be playing Ultimate Grinder forcing them to discard their whole hand and redraw the same number of cards, keep in mind this can work out positively or negatively for you.



Puffed and Passed: Pairs well with

Ultimate Grinder: This card can be activated anytime your opponent is not attacking. Your opponent must discard their hand and draw the same number of cards. (Ambush, Stash 1)


Thanks Cannafam! Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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