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Mrs Universe (STASH 3 / CONCENTRATE)


Alrighty my fellow Stonerds, today we’re looking at one of the Concentrate CannaBeasts from the Kickstarter set, Mrs Universe.  Mrs Universe ranks among the strongest no tribute CannaBeasts in the game with a base attack of 175.  There isn’t anything too fancy about Mrs Universe, it’s just a straightforward solid offense card with a base defense of 150 that’s not going to be too much help on the defensive side of the game.  Mrs Universe fits in well into any stash that needs some strength on its low end and is a great CannaBeast to fill out your non tribute beasts being tied with High Clops for the strongest.

Unfortunately, there currently isn’t much in the way of buffing your Concentrate beasts.  Resin Coal is the only true Concentrate buff card, and it requires you send your CannaBeast to the ashtray at the end of the turn and I’m not a big fan of that trade off.  Most of the time it’s really hard to justify because of how strong most Concentrates are, Mrs Universe might be one of the only ones where Resin Coal may feel worth it.  With Resin Coal you can buff Mrs Universe up to 225 for one turn which in a pinch could make a difference.  Smoke Guzzler is great in this aspect as you can equip it to any CannaBeast on the field.


Mrs Universe: Pairs well with

Resin Coal: Increase the attack of one of your Concentrate CannaBeasts on the field by 50 for this turn. When this turn ends, the selected CannaBeast is sent to the ashtray. (Ambush, Stash 2)

Smoke Guzzler: When this card is activated it is equipped to target CannaBeast. Boost the attack and defense of the target CannaBeast by 15. (Nutrient, Stash 1)


Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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