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This card is not affected by Nutrient cards.



Hybrid Dragon (STASH 1 / HYBRID CB)

Happy Friday Stonerds!  We’ve got another awesome CannaBeast from the Kickstarter set, Hybrid Dragon.  Hybrid Dragon is a stash 1 Hybrid CannaBeast that comes with the unique ability of not being affected by Nutrient cards.  This works in both positive and negative ways, your opponent will be unable to use any Nutrient cards directed to your Hybrid Dragon but that also goes for you.  Hybrid Dragon can not be buffed by any Nutrients, including the Hybrid centric Humic Acid.  Hybrid Dragon has a base attack and defense 180 making for a solid CannaBeast but nothing spectacular.  The big benefit of Hybrid Dragon is its ability, which you’ll have to determine if the tradeoff is worth it in your strategy.

Hybrid Dragon will fit well into any stash even though it is a Hybrid CannaBeast, with its ability there is no additional benefit of pairing it up with other Hybrid focused cards and can effectively be added into any stash or situation.  Keep in mind there is no mention of Ambush cards making Hybrid Dragon just as susceptible to them as any other CannaBeast. 



Hybrid Dragon: Pairs well with

Your opponent having a Nutrient heavy stash. 


Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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