Card of the Day 4/03

4th N 20 / NCL





When your CannaBeast with a THC level of 10% or lower was destroyed by battle revive it your side of the field until the end of the current turn.



Dank Receiver (STASH 3 / AMBUSH)

What’s good Stonerds?  Let’s look at another one of the several great Ambush cards from the 4th N 20 / NCL set, Dank Receiver.  Dank Receiver is an interesting card letting you revive one of your CannaBeast that was just destroyed for the remainder of the current turn as long as their THC Level is 10% or less.  Now, while of course it would be nicer if we could revive the card entirely, Dank Receiver can act as a great safeguard for your points if your side of the field gets cleared during your opponent’s turn.  If your opponent still has beasts to attack with when one of your CannaBeasts with ≤10% THC Level goes down, bring it back for the rest of your opponent’s turn and you can save yourself a direct attack.

The best course of action to use Dank Receiver would be having it on the field waiting for the opportune time to play it, there’s not really a way to set yourself up playing it in a positive way.  But there’s so many great CannaBeasts that are 10% THC Level or less, so you have a ton of options to choose from if you’re building Dank Receiver into a stash. 



Dank Receiver: Pairs well with

Any CannaBeast with a THC Level 10% or lower.


Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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