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When this card is used, you may revive one CannaBeast from your ashtray either on to the battlefield or back into your hand.



Relighting Roach (STASH 1 / NUTRIENT)

Happy Sunday Stonerds!  One of the best Nutrient cards in the game, one released with the Kickstarter set and included in every Kickstarter stash, Relighting Roach.  One of the few cards that I include in every stash that I build, and one I will always suggest including, Relighting Roach is a stash 1 Nutrient card that can bring any one CannaBeast from the ashtray back to the battlefield or into your hand.  Personally I would always bring your CannaBeast back to the field to save yourself a planting step especially if it’s a beast you have to tribute for, but there may be the occasional case where you’d want to bring it back to your hand.

Unless the CannaBeast you’re bringing back is an essential core to a strategy you have ready that could potentially win the game for you I would always reserve your Relighting Roach for a tribute CannaBeast.  Being able to play a multi-tribute CannaBeast without having to sacrifice any of your beasts can set you up very nicely to take over the game.  This works perfectly for stash 1 beasts that have already been destroyed earlier in the game.  

Combining all the things I suggested to do with the things I mostly suggested against Turkey Tail is the prime example.  You can use Relighting Roach to bring Turkey Tail back to your hand to play it face down for its sling ability, the exact case you’d want to bring a non-tribute CannaBeast back into your hand.


Relighting Roach: Pairs well with


Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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