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When this card is sent to the ashtray, select an opponent’s card in their hand and send it to the ashtray.



Smorez (STASH 1 / HYBRID CB)

It’s getting sticky in here Stonerds!!  Let’s take a look at the newly released promo card at Orlando Collect-a-Con, Smorez.  Smorez is a highly anticipated card ever since the release of The Budtender, being the sole case of having its own revival card before it was even released.  Smorez ability “When this card is sent to the ashtray, select an opponent’s card in their hand and send it to the ashtray,” is a great kicker of an ability, getting to choose a card in your opponent’s hand to destroy and without requiring it be destroyed by battle just sets it up another notch. 

Smorez may be my new favorite promo just setting Hybrids further ahead of the other strains.  Having a base attack of 165 and base defense of 180 Smorez and its combination cards fit well into any stash but a Hybrid stash is really going to make your Smorez shine that perfect golden brown.  With 3 Humic Acids on the field, you have the potential to buff your Smorez up to a max of 255 attack and 270 defense.

Ideal Scenario:

                Player 2 played Cloud Nine pulling a Moon Rock from their stash to their hand on their turn.        

Player 1 plants a Smorez then using a Grilled Smorez sends Smorez to the ashtray letting Player 1 pick a card in Player 2’s hand to send to the ashtray (paying attention to where it was placed in their hand choosing the Moon Rock) along with the top card of Player 2’s Stash.  Player 1 follows that up with The Budtender bringing Smorez back into play.

Coming out of the gate with two cards designed around you have some very high potential with these combinations.  I’m sure we’ll only see more great combo cards like this with these increasingly awesome drops!


Smorez: Pairs well with

The Budtender: When this card is played you can revive 1 “Smorez” card from your ashtray and back onto the field.  (Ambush, Stash 1)

Grilled Smorez: Send a “Smorez” card on your side of the field to your ashtray and your opponent sends the top card of their stash to the ashtray.  (Nutrient, Stash 1)

Humic Acid: As long as this card remains on the field, all Hybrid CannaBeasts you control gain 30 attack and 30 defense. (Nutrient, Stash 3)


Thanks Cannafam! Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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