Card of the Day 3/02






This card can be activated anytime your opponent is not attacking. Your opponent must discard their hand and draw the same number of cards.



Ultimate Grinder (STASH 1 / AMBUSH)

Hey there Stonerds!  We’ve got another great Ambush card from the Kickstarter set and a great way to piss off your opponent, Ultimate Grinder.  Ultimate Grinder can be played at any time when your opponent isn’t attacking, making them discard their hand drawing a new one of the same number.  Ultimate Grinder is extremely playable and is a solid addition to any stash. 

Playing UG on your opponent’s turn there’s always the risk of them playing Ambush Blocker so always be mindful of your opponent’s face down Ambush/Nutrients.  Your opponent’s turn can be some of the best times to play Ultimate Grinder.  If you send a strong tribute CannaBeast back to your opponent’s hand with a Chocolate sling play UG and get it out of play.  Depending on your opponent a very satisfying play can be if they get excited about a card they just drew, play Ultimate Grinder and shatter their dreams.  If your opponent plays a Cloud Nine or any other card that lets them search their stash for a certain card UG was made for that moment.

Ultimate Grinder can be played on your turn to similar effect but with the peace of mind your opponent is unable to Ambush block it.  This is also the perfect time to use a Chocolate sling to return any of your opponent’s beasts or a Rain Card to return any Ambush/Nutrients to their hand before playing Ultimate Grinder.  The first turn of the game can be a very satisfying play as well.


Ultimate Grinder: Pairs well with

Any time you want to make your opponent burn their hand / your opponent getting a great card or strategy going.


Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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