Card of the Day 2/25






Increase your pounds by 20 for each card in your ashtray.



Book of High Spirits (STASH 1 / NUTRIENT)

Let’s get it Stonerds!  Another great Nutrient card released with the High Spirits set, and one of top ones in the game, Book of High Spirits.  Book of High Spirits (BoHS) is a card that easily fits into any Stash with truly grand potential, once played you increase your pounds by 20 for each card in your ashtray.  BoHS is such a playable card I find myself struggling with automatically including it in most of the Stashes I build.

Increasing your pounds is something always welcome in CannaBeast making BoHS playable at any point in the game, especially if you’re at a point where it could mean keeping you alive for a few more turns potentially giving you a comeback.  That being said BoHS excels in the late game.  The later in the game the stronger BoHS is, play BoHS with 21 cards in your ashtray and you get an increase of 420 pounds.

BoHS is also a great hit of nostalgia for a lot of us growing up in the 90s being ‘The Book’ from the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus.  This is the perfect example of why CannaBeast is such an awesome TCG.  Great combinations of nostalgia, cannabis, and fun exciting gameplay.


Book of High Spirits: Pairs well with

A ton of cards in your Ashtray, the more the merrier!


Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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