Chocolate (STASH 2/ SATIVA CB)

Let’s get it Stonerds!  Another CannaBeast from the Kickstarter set that always seems to find its way into my Stashes is Chocolate.  Chocolate is one of my favorite utility CannaBeasts being so useful it’s hard not to just start every Stash I build with 3 Chocolates thrown in.  Chocolate’s sling ability to return a CannaBeast to the original owner’s hand can be such a great play so in most situations Chocolate is going to be defensive bait.  Being able to select any CannaBeast is what makes Chocolate shine.

First and most obvious if your opponent attacks your Chocolate while it’s in face down defense position your best play will likely be to select their strongest CannaBeast to return to their hand, if they have a CannaBeast they had to tribute to plant that will likely be your target.  In cases where the game is coming down to the wire you may want to return a Beast that hasn’t attacked yet so you can save yourself from losing extra pounds.

If your Chocolate lasts a whole turn and is still face down, you can always trigger its sling ability yourself.  A great play can be slinging your Chocolate returning one of your opponent’s Beasts before tributing it to plant something stronger, this can work greatly in your favor especially if your opponent only had 1 CannaBeast planted you now have a free shot.  In rarer cases you may want to sling your Chocolate returning your own CannaBeast to your hand if your field is full and you find yourself at a standstill or just drew something better.


Chocolate: Pairs well with

Any CannaBeast 20% THC or higher


Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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