Card of the Day 2/07






Select one of your opponent's CannaBeasts. The selected CannaBeast can't attack this turn.



Mayflower (STASH 2 / AMBUSH)

What’s going on Stonerds?  With the Winter Blazed set we got several great Nutrient and Ambush cards added to our favorite game, Mayflower is one of the Ambush cards that shines.  Being able to designate one of your opponents CannaBeasts unable to attack for a turn is a fantastic play that should always be welcomed with open arms.  One turn may not seem like much of a breather but sometimes it can be all you need to get yourself in a better position to act.

Being an Ambush card is what makes Mayflower such a great addition to your Stash.  As long as you placed it on the field during your turn it’s a great play on your opponent’s turn, be mindful that this makes it vulnerable to an Ambush Blocker.  If your opponent plants a CannaBeast you weren’t ready for play your Mayflower and deny them their attack for a turn. 

Mayflower also benefits from being a Stash 2 so throw a couple of these pilgrims in your next Stash if anything just to irritate your opponent, we all know that’s the best part of playing showstopping cards.


Mayflower: Pairs well with

Any situation you could use a 1 turn breather from one of your opponent’s Beasts.


Thanks Cannafam! Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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