Agent Orange

Agent Orange (STASH 1 / Ambush)

Hope all you Stonerds had a great Thanksgiving!  One of my favorite cards from the newly released Harvest of Horrors mini set, and easily one of my new favorite CannaBeast cards, Agent Orange is a serious banger of an Ambush card.  Even with a stash limit of 1 this card is so strong it’s easily a great addition into any stash and should honestly be a staple in every stash built it’s such a great card!  I don’t know about anyone else but I have been waiting for cards like this to start being added as it can totally shift the meta of the game and give you a ton of opportunities to come back from a situation that may have seemed hopeless.

When played, Agent Orange instantly destroys all Nutrient and Ambush cards in play and prevents any new Nutrient cards from being played for 2 turns.  This can be such a game changer and instantly turn the tides of any match and depending on the situation at hand.  You have the potential to destroy several game changing cards your opponent may have been storing in their pocket or clear their board of all of their buff cards that have been keeping you down.

Let’s give it up to Habilis for some great art paired up with another banger addition to our favorite game!

Agent Orange: Pairs well with

A hand full of Ambush cards

Any situation where your opponent keep dinging you with Nutrients/Ambushes.

Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!


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