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When this card is activated, change all face up CannaBeasts that your opponent controls to face up defense position.



Tunnel Vision (STASH 1 / NUTRIENT)


Hey there Stonerds!  Tunnel Vision is another great Nutrient from the Kickstarter set, and one that can change the course of a game if played correctly.  Switching all your opponent’s face up CannaBeasts to defensive position can give you a chance to defeat a Beast you may not have been able to before, giving you an opportunity to defeat your opponent’s heavy hitter.  Tunnel Vision isn’t exactly a card that’s going to save you every time you play it, but if you can capitalize at the right time, you can make a great play.

Ideal Scenario: Player 1 has nothing on the field.  Player 2 has a Zushi (230 attack) in attack position on the field.

                Player 1 plants a Pineapple Express (165 attack)

Player 1 plays a Tunnel Vision forcing Player 2 to switch their Zushi (150 defense) to defensive position

Player 1 can now defeat Player 2’s Zushi

Some cards and strategies work best when playing cards in a specific order.  Planting a Beast that can’t stand up against your opponent’s before playing a card that sets you up to defeat it can be a smart play, possibly faking your opponent out of using a Reverse Roll or something similar.  Even some straight forward sounding cards can be used very strategically setting you up for some amazing plays.


Tunnel Vision: Pairs well with

A CannaBeast you can’t defeat in attack position but have a Beast strong enough to beat it in defensive position.


Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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