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This card gains 10 attack for each Nutrient card in your ashtray.



Pumpkin Kush (STASH 3 / INDICA CB)

What’s up Stonerds?  Since the release of High Spirits, I’ve seen several Stashes built around the Pumpkin Kush, and for good reason.  Pumpkin Kush’s ability “This card gains 10 attack for each Nutrient card in your ashtray,” gives you a high ceiling to reach for.  Pumpkin Kush excels in Stashes focused on burning cards.  Essentially any Nutrient that can be played without much restriction and sent to the ashtray quickly will pair up nicely with a few Pumpkin Kush’s in your Stash.  If you manage to have 10 Nutrient cards in your ashtray, that’s a buff of 100 to your Pumpkin Kush before you add in any cards still on the field. 

Pumpkin Kush works best in an Indica Stash that’s loaded with Nutrient cards.  With the potential to gain 90 attack with 3 Liquid Seaweeds, any Indica Stash could benefit from the addition of a Pumpkin Kush two.  If you’re building an Indica Stash and in need of a few no tribute CannaBeasts to fill it out, Pumpkin Kush should be one of the first places you look.

Pumpkin Kush works well in any Nutrient heavy Stash, even non Indica leaning Stashes.  Throw a Pumpkin Kush in a Sativa Stash that has Jack Skeleton in it to boost your pumpkin king while they’re paired up on the field.


Pumpkin Kush: Pairs well with

Jack Skeleton: This card gains 10 attack for each 'Pumpkin Kush' on the field. (Sativa CB, Stash 3)

Liquid Seaweed: This card remains on the field unless destroyed by card effect. As long ats this card remains on the field, all Indica Cannabeasts you control gain 30 attack and 30 defense.  (Nutrient, Stash 3)



Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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