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When this card is played; Randomly select one card from your opponent’s hand and send it to the ashtray. Your opponent then selects a card from their own hand and puts in in the ashtray as well.



Doctor Chronic (STASH 1 / NUTRIENT)


Call the Doctor Stonerds!  The Nutrient of the three doctor cards, Doctor Chronic is one of the many great Nutrients included with the Kickstarter release.  Doctor Chronic lets you select a card from your opponent’s hand to discard and then has them discard another of their choice.  Any time you can make your opponent discard, you’ll want to take advantage.  It’s even better when you get to pick! Plus, they’re forced to discard a card of their choice so if they have a stacked hand, you may get lucky twice.

This card may be pretty straight forward, but you can still put some strategy behind it to maximize its effect.  Being a Nutrient card, you can only play it on your turn, but even on your opponent’s turns you can set yourself up for a great play.

Ideal Scenario 1:

Player 1 has The Butcher face down on the field that Player 2 attacks and defeats with their Zushi, sending Zushi back to Player 2’s hand.

Player 1, if they were paying attention, now knows where Zushi is in their opponent’s hand.  On their turn they can play Doctor Chronic and send that Zushi to the ashtray!

Ideal Scenario 2:

                Player 1 has a face down Chocolate on the field.  Player 2 has a Blew Dream on the field.

Player one can sling their Chocolate sending Blew Dream back to their opponent’s hand, watching where they place their Blew Dream before playing Doctor Chronic.


Doctor Chronic: Pairs well with

Any card that sends a CannaBeast back to your opponent’s hand.

  • Chocolate (Sativa, Stash 3)
  • The Butcher (Stoner, Stash 3)


Thanks Cannafam! Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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