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When this card is used, destroy all opponent's CannaBeast on the field and place them into the ashtray.



Northern Lights (Stash 1 / AMBUSH)


Happy Sunday Stonerds!  Today we’re taking a look at the Northern Lights.  And we don’t have to go all the way north to do so!  Northern Lights is hands down one of the best cards in CannaBeasts.  At any point in the game if you have this on the field you can choose to destroy all of your opponent’s CannaBeasts.  As great as Heat Wave may be in a pinch, being able to keep your Beasts on the field after clearing your opponents can be an immediate game changer.

Playing Northern Lights on your opponent’s turn can be a great move.  It’s always going to be a little riskier though because your opponent will have the potential to play an Ambush Blocker.  Best option is to flip your Northern Lights when your opponent doesn’t have any potential Nutrient/Ambush cards waiting to be revealed.  And remember unless they’re in the middle of attacking they can play cards from their hand.

Playing Northern Lights on your turn may leave you open to one extra attack from a big scary Beast or even a couple attacks from some lighter guys.  But anytime you play an Ambush card on your turn you have that piece of mind that your opponent isn’t going to have much to say otherwise.  Plus, it sets you up for a nice open attack at the beginning of your turn.

I’m going to get a little explainy with the rules here, so I’ll try not to borealis you… Alright?  Get it?  Bore… ok.

Ambush cards are allowed to be activated at any time unless restricted in the card effect as long as they are on the field.  If your opponent plays an Ambush Blocker on their turn and targets your face down Northern lights that moment when you reveal your card before sending it to the ashtray is an instance to be able to activate it.  Even if it’s premature to your planned use the card is already being sent to the ashtray so there’s almost no reason not to activate it.  The only way your opponent could deflect it is if they had a second Ambush Blocker ready.


Northern Lights: Pairs well with

Your opponent getting a lucky pick with Ambush Blocker

You currently getting your butt stomped in

You currently stomping your opponent’s butt

This card really can’t be played at a bad time


Thanks Cannafam! Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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