Card of the Day 1/10

Hash Hag Old Fart (Stash 3 / NUTRIENT)

I know from personal experience that farts can get people into trouble, trust me on this. Well with today’s card, Hash Hag Old Fart (HHOF), it attempts to do quite the opposite.

As mentioned in yesterday’s COTD, there are few cards in the game that provide draw mechanics. HHOF is another one of those cards and a useful one at that! Immediately, it is clear to see that instead of the card being a CannaBeast this time around it is Nutrient-based. Let’s take a look at its ability.

Draw a card and skip your draw step next turn. (This can only be used once per turn.)

Upon reading this ability it might seem like a hindrance given the fact that you have to forfeit the draw step of your next turn. but having the opportunity to potentially hit that card you need to come back from a tough can be priceless. Because of this I like to only use HHOF as an absolute last resort if I have no cards in my hand.

A card that synergizes particularly well with HHOF is Pumpkin Kush (PK) from the High Spirits set. By discarding a Nutrient it adds to the attack damage because of PK’s ability (# of Nutrients in ashtray). Pair that up with drawing twice in your turn and that is beginning of a great turn.

Remember folks, if someone tries to get you to take a toke of that fart knocker OG JUST. SAY. NO.

Thanks for reading Cannafam and I apologize for the short and late post today.

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