Card of the Day 3/29






Select one CannaBeast on your side of the field, this card will gain 30 attack until the turn is ended.



Cannabloom (STASH 1 / AMBUSH)

Let’s get it Stonerds!  Another awesome Ambush card from the Kickstarter set, Cannabloom is a card that often finds its way into my stashes.  Giving you the potential to buff one of your CannaBeasts by 30 attack for the duration of the current turn Cannabloom makes a very welcoming addition, being a stash 1 you may go multiple games without seeing it but when you do Cannabloom can be the difference between you or your opponent losing their heavy hitter.

Being an Ambush card Cannabloom is playable on either players’ turn, giving you a lot of options for this very useful card.  Cannabloom makes for the perfect tie breaker.  If you and your opponent are tied sporting similar strength tribute cards, such as Fat Banana and Zushi, Cannabloom can give you a 1 turn shot at getting theirs off the field and without worry of your opponent using an Ambush Blocker.  Albeit most of the times Cannabloom will come in handy will be your opponent’s turn.  If your opponent plants a tribute CannaBeast on their turn Cannabloom can be your saving grace destroying their beast when they attack yours or if their beast has an exact 30 attack difference to yours Cannabloom can give you the opportunity to have them tied and both be destroyed as opposed to just yours.

Honestly Cannabloom is one of the cards that is definitely worthy of being recommended for every stash.


Cannabloom: Pairs well with

Ties and situations where your opponent’s CannaBeast has a slightly higher attack then yours.


Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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