Stash Series Part 1: Building your own CannaBeast Gaming Stash

Building your own CannaBeast Gaming Stash –

                Alright Stonerds, the first thing you want to keep in mind when building your CBG Stash is which play style you want to lean towards with it.  This is of course going to work within whatever constraints you may have when building out your Stash, most likely being cards within your physical collection or casual vs competitive.  The freedom to build out your Stashes without constraint in online play with the Tabletop Simulator (TTS) mod is a game changer.  Today we are going to be ignoring any potential constraints and focus on building the Stash of your dreams.

                First priority being your play style with this Stash, what are you trying to achieve?  Your Stash will be weighted differently if you plan on playing some casual games with your buds versus if your goal is to stomp their face in the dirt fueling your manic laughter with their tears...  Within strictly casual vs competitive there’s several ways you can gear your Stash, utilizing similar card effects/types to stack effects/boosts to build the best strategy or pack the strongest punch.  We’ll get to those later.

                When it comes to Stash building, I always try and think back to the days of the starter stashes.  One of the first things I did was break them down to how many of each card type there was and think about why.  Now I don’t expect you to do that, I did all the leg work for you!  What I’m getting at is you never want to be stuck with no plan and seemingly no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  Sure, who isn’t tempted to load their Stash up with Blew Dreams and Doctor Greenthumbs.  But in competitive play the last thing you want is to be biding your turns hoping you pull a playable CannaBeast while your opponent attacks your pounds directly every turn for 155 with a Phantom OG.  That Moon Rock looks real pretty in your hand though.



                 Casual Stash Build Counts

Pretty much anything goes, if your goal is to just load up on a bunch of cards you don’t see being effective in competitive play but seem like a fun combination these are the decks to throw them in.  Casual play can be some of the most fun you can have while playing CannaBeasts.  Build out a goofy deck and have a fun time with your buds.  Or try out an alternative style of play.


                 Competitive Stash Build Counts

Ideal Stash Count - 43-55 cards

Ideal Tribute CannaBeasts (>19%THC) – 5-6 CannaBeasts

Ideal No Tribute CannaBeasts (≤19% THC) – 16-24 CannaBeasts

Ideal Ambush Count – 4-6 Cards

Ideal Nutrient Count – 9-15 Cards

Now keep in mind these aren’t set in stone this is from my experience of building and playtesting a lot of different styles and builds.  If you find something way out of these ranges that works for you, that’s great!


Competitive Stash Core Card Breakdown


1 Aphids - (Stoner, Stash 1)

1 Relighting Roach - (Nutrient, Stash 1)

1 Reverse Roll - (Ambush, Stash 1)

                -Aphids, Relighting Roach, and Reverse Roll are the only cards in CannaBeasts that I 100% suggest being included in every Stash.

CannaBeast Buffs

  • 3 Booster (Sativa)/Humic Acid (Hybrid)/Light Up (Stoner)/Liquid Seaweed (Indica) - (Nutrient, Stash 3) - Depending on which strains you gear your Stash towards
  • 1 CannaBloom (Ambush, Stash 1)
  • 1 CO2 Tanks (Nutrient, Stash 1)

Defensive Cards

  • 1 Doobies of Light - (Nutrient, Stash 1)
  • 1 Iron Leaf (Ambush, Stash 1) -If playing a heavier defensive deck

    Draw Cards

    • 1-3 Pot Pincher (Nutrient, Stash 3) / Re-Up (Ambush, Stash 1)

                    -Draw cards are an exception to any suggested card limits, there’s always room for the ability to draw from your stash.


    Removal Cards / Wrench Throwers

    • 1+ Ambush blocker - (Nutrient, Stash 2)
    • 1+ No Boost - (Nutrient, Stash 2)
    • 1 Northern Lights - (Ambush, Stash 1)
    • 1 Switcheroo - (Ambush, Stash 1)

    No Tribute CannaBeasts

    • 5-9 Ability Beasts 
      • Aphids - (Stoner, Stash 1)
      • Chocolate (Sativa CB, Stash 3)
      • Cotton Candy Kush (Hybrid CB, Stash 3) - doubles as a draw card/throwaway card.
      • James Bong (Stoner, Stash 3)
      • Pumpkin Kush (Indica CB, Stash 3)
      • The Butcher (Stoner, Stash 3)
    • 3-7 Attack geared CannaBeasts leaning towards your choice of strains
      • Speedy Chili (Indica CB, Stash 3)
      • Ghost Rider OG (Hybrid CB, Stash 3)
      • High Clops (Stoner, Stash 3)
      • Mrs. Universe (Concentrate, Stash 3)
      • Trainwreck (Sativa CB, Stash 3)
    • 3-6 Defensive geared CannaBeasts
      • Blue Cheese (Indica CB, Stash 3)
      • The Brick (Concentrate, Stash 3)
      • Wishbone Doobie (Stoner, Stash 3)
      • Turkey Tail (Fungi, Stash 1)

                    -Turkey Tail has worked its way into my heart and my core stash list.  This card is so playable it almost never hurts to throw it in.  If playing in person, please don’t play with your holo one.


    Tribute CannaBeasts

    • 5-6 Highest Attack for 1 Tribute 20% THC – 25% THC
      • Alaskan Thunder Fuck – 235 attack (Sativa CB, Stash 3)
      • Diablo OG – 230 attack (Hybrid CB, Stash 3)
      • Fat Banana – 230 attack (Indica CB, Stash 3)
      • Nosferatu – 240 attack (Stoner, Stash 3)
      • Zushi – 230 attack (Hybrid CB, Stash 3)


                    The key to competitive play is you always want to have something worth playing, or be building up some sort of strategy.  I’ve seen it too many times, if you’re staring at an unplayable hand and can’t keep anything on the field how can you expect to win?  Balance is key.  And regardless of how good your new Stash looks, a Stash that hasn’t been play tested sucks.

                    These are just some healthy suggestions to get your brain working on what kind of Stash you want to build.  Later we’ll go over different build types for your Stash, why you might want to focus on certain strains, and finally we’ll build a Stash together!


    Thanks Cannafam! Stay Stoney!

    --Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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