Dr.Stoner - Menehune_Matt

Stash Description : Deck built of strictly stoner cards which also contains every doctor card that has been printed including everyone’s favorite stoner Doctor Greenthumb (The Strongest Attack Card In The Game) with his side kick Chronic Plague Doctor and their High Clops minions.

Stash List: 

  • 1x Aphids
  • 1x Dbruze
  • 1x Chronic Plague Doctor
  • 1x Doctor Greenthumb 
  • 1x Feast
  • 1x Danksgiving Roast
  • 1x Santa’s Smoke Shop
  • 1x Cannabis Mill
  • 1x Brick Burn
  • 1x No Boost
  • 1x Ambush Blocker
  • 1x Doobies Of Light
  • 1x 2nd Degree Burn
  • 1x Heat Wave
  • 1x Book Of High Spirits
  • 1x Stuffed Turkey
  • 1x Doctor Chronic
  • 1x Relighting Roach
  • 1x Re Up
  • 1x Magnet
  • 1x Reserve Roll
  • 1x Switcheroo
  • 1x Zombie Bite
  • 1x Last Roll Up
  • 1x Doctor Chaos
  • 1x Northern Lights
  • 1x Turkey Tail
  • 2x Dark Archer
  • 2x The Nug Cracker
  • 3x Michael Mayerwanna
  • 3x Nosferatu
  • 3x Light Up
  • 3x High Clops
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