Gelato (STASH 3 / HYBRID CB)

What’s good Stonerds? Today we’re giving it up for another solid Hybrid CannaBeast from the first Kickstarter set, Gelato.  One of my favorite non tribute beasts from this set, and coming in with a base attack of 135 and a base defense of 100, Gelato is a great lower tier beast to add to any stash in need of a few more beasts in its lower end.  Of course, reaching its full potential in a Hybrid focused stash with all three of your Humic Acids on the field, Gelato has the max potential attack of 225 and defense of 190.

Gelato, in my opinion, is the perfect strength beast for the bottom of your competitive stash.  With the large number of great options available to Hybrids you should have no trouble in this department.  It’s just the way it is with cannabis, at this point just expect more options in Hybrids.



Gelato: Pairs well with

Humic Acid: As long as this card remains on the field, all Hybrid CannaBeasts you control gain 30 attack and 30 defense. (Nutrient, Stash 3)


Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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