Santa's Munchies

Santa’s Munchies (STASH 2 / NUTRIENT)

Happy Friday Stonerds!  Let’s take a look at another great Nutrient card from the Winter Blazed Mini set, Santa’s Munchies.  Santa’s Munchies has a stash limit of two and when played stays on your side of the field, unless removed by card effect, and buffs any Canna Claus on your side of the field by 25.  Now Santa’s Munchies is a card that is essentially useless if you don’t have your Canna Claus in play but if you’re building a stash with Canna Claus in it, which is great fun if you haven’t tried it, Santa’s Munchies is an essential addition.  Canna Claus has a base attack of 190, if you max out the stash limit on Santa’s Munchies you have the potential to buff your Canna Claus up to 240 attack which will definitely hold its own against all but the strongest CannaBeasts.  And that’s before even accounting for any other buff cards you could pair up from the many available catering strictly to Stoners to the Gingerbread Cookie.



Santa’s Munchies: Pairs well with

Canna Claus: When this card is destroyed by battle, draw 3 cards from the top of your stash 1 is treated as coal and sent to the ashtray. (Stoner, Stash 1)


Thanks Cannafam! Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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