Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum Fairy (STASH 2 / SATIVA CB)

How’s it going Stonerds?  Let’s give it up for another Sativa CannaBeast from the Winter Blazed mini set, Sugar Plum Fairy.  Sugar Plum Fairy (SPF) is a single tribute Sativa CannaBeast with a base attack of 185 and a base defense of 160 so it’s not going to be as strong as some similar costing beasts.  If built into a Sativa focused stash and with three Boosters on the field, you have a max potential to buff your SPF up to 275 attack and 250 defense, and with SPF like that the sun won’t stand a chance!

We’ve got another decent single tribute CannaBeast with a stash limit of 2.  It seems like stash limits have been somewhat arbitrarily chosen as some newer cards have had lower stash limits despite not being the strongest of cards but personally, I think it’s great to see the creators toying around with things like that all the time. 



Sugar Plum Fairy: Pairs well with

Booster: As long as this card remains on the field, all Sativa CannaBeasts that you control on the field gain 30 attack and 30 defense. (Nutrient, Stash 3)


Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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