Happy Sunday Stonerds!  Let’s burn it down and look at another one of the many great Nutrient cards from the first Kickstarter set, Embers.  Embers is a stash three Nutrient card that deals 50 direct damage to your opponent’s pounds.  It’s always a good idea to throw at least a couple cards like this in every stash you build, and in all honesty, it’s really never going to hurt when you pull one of these during play.  Any chance to deal damage to your opponent’s pounds should always be taken advantage of and why not build it into your strategy.  

If you max out the stash limit and happen to get lucky you have the max potential with Embers to deal up to 150 total damage during any given match.  Pairing up with other similar cards can be a solid game plan to build a stash around, what better way to capitalize than bypass any defense your opponent may have and strike straight through.  Pumpkin Kush is always a great card to pair up with any Nutrient card that doesn’t have any stipulations to play it.



Embers: Pairs well with

Any other cards that cause direct damage to your opponent’s pounds.

Any point in the game.

Pumpkin Kush: This card gains 10 attack for each Nutrient card in your ashtray.


Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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