Card of the Day 4/19






Select one of the following: Select one facedown card. If it's a Nutrient, send it to the ashtray. Select one face up Nutrient and send it to the ashtray.




Let’s get it Stonerds!  Today we’ve got another staple Nutrient card from the Kickstarter set, No Boost.  No Boost has a stash limit of two and is one of the handful of cards that I recommend including in every stash.  I don’t max out the stash limit on it every time, sometimes only feeling the need to add one, but it’s definitely in every stash I build.  No Boost can be played in two different ways, on a facedown card or on a face up Nutrient card.  When played on a face down card reveal that card if it’s a Nutrient it gets sent to the ashtray or played on a face up Nutrient card to send it to the ashtray.

Being a Nutrient card, No Boost is only eligible to be played on your turn and with a stash limit of two you have to choose carefully when it would benefit you the most to use them.  While it can sometimes be a great call when you pick a face down card correctly, I would suggest waiting for you opponent to get their “permanent” cards out on the field like the strain specific buff cards.



No Boost: Pairs well with

Any Nutrient card your opponent has you would like to get rid of.


Thanks Cannafam! Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)


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