Card of the Day 4/11






Draw 1 card.



Pot Pincher (STASH 3 / NUTRIENT)

Howdy Stonerds!  Let’s shine a light on another one of the many great Nutrient cards from the Kickstarter set, Pot Pincher, a straightforward stash 3 single draw card.  Pot Pincher is a terrific card to add to any stash regardless of how many cards it’s sporting, I will say it repeatedly never be afraid to add more draw cards to your stash and unrestricted ones like Pot Pincher are always the stronger option.  A lot of the other draw cards have stipulations that require you to have less than a certain number of cards in your hand or prevent you from drawing the following turn as a tradeoff, this is where Pot Pincher shines.


Often when building a stash I max out the stash limit on Pot Pincher and honestly it’s rare I don’t add at least one.  You may not think there’s a whole lot of benefit from a single draw card, essentially being fodder to trade out for another card, but never underestimate the power of drawing more cards even just one.  If you can quickly burn through your stash to set yourself up with whatever strategy you’re going for more often than not you aren’t going to have a ton of regrets. 



Pot Pincher: Pairs well with

Anything and everything!

Other draw cards.


Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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