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Select one of the following: Select one facaedown card. If it's an ambush, send it to the ashtray. Select one face up ambush and send it to the ashtray.



Ambush Blocker (STASH 2 / NUTRIENT)

My fellow Stonerds!  Today we’re taking a look at one of the few cards I strongly suggest go into every stash you build, Ambush blocker.  Ambush Blocker is a Stash 2 Nutrient card that’s currently the only card that can protect you against Ambush cards without redirecting them in some way or another.

Ambush Blocker, being a Nutrient card, can only be played on your turn.  Even only being playable on your turn Ambush Blocker can be played in a couple of different ways, both can be beneficial.  The first way is to play Ambush Blocker and select one of your opponent’s face down cards to see if it’s an Ambush or not, if you’re positive the card you’re selecting is an Ambush card and removing it would benefit you then this is a great play.  I recommend against using this as a crapshoot to remove a potential Ambush card, unless you have a millennium eye, with only 2 Ambush Blockers allowed in your stash it’s best not to waste any of them.

Your other option for playing Ambush Blocker, and the one that I suggest, is waiting for your opponent to play an Ambush card and using your Ambush Blocker to negate it.  This can work against you as if your opponent plays an Ambush card on their turn your Ambush Blocker will be unusable in that scenario.  Ideal cards to play Ambush Blocker against will be cards like Reverse Roll where its stipulations require it to be played on their opponent’s turn.  When played in the right scenario Ambush Blocker can 100% be a card that changes the game and turns the tide in your favor.



Ambush Blocker: Pairs well with

Any Ambush card you don’t want your opponent playing on your turn.


Thanks Cannafam!  Stay Stoney!

--Bruce Dougherty (Batman)

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