Card of the Day 1/11

KS 11 BLUE CHEESE INDICA CB 3 18% 50 200

Blue Cheese (Stash 3 / INDICA CB / 18%THC)

Alrighty Potheads, Stoners, and Midnight Tokers. One of the more popular cards from the Kickstarter set, the iconic Blue Cheese is a solid defensive option for any stash. Having a base of 200 defense the only unaided CannaBeasts capable of destroying it will be those with a THC level above 19%, requiring tribute of another CannaBeast.

Blue Cheese, having a high defense and rather low attack, is in most situations going to be a card you play in face down defensive mode (FDD). Especially if there’s any hope to use its Sling ability, which requires the card being played in FDD for at least its first turn on the field.

Sling: Return a nutrient or ambush card to your opponent’s hand.

From my experience this ability is very situational and can range from borderline useless to incredibly helpful depending on when and how you use it. On your own turn when your opponent is limited to playing cards strictly on the field already is a great time to send a Nutrient/Ambush back to their hand potentially sidelining one of their cards for a turn. And if that can give you a window to take out one of their stronger beasts than even better!

Ideal Scenario:

Player 1 has a Blue Cheese in FDD they played last turn.
Player 2 has a Dark Archer (160 base attack) on the field being buffed by a Light Up(+50 attack)
Player 1 Slings Blue Cheese, causing Player 2 to bring their Light Up back into their hand. Player 1 plants a Casper OG (175 base attack) in face up attack mode and defeats Dark Archer.

Blue Cheese: Pairs well with
Iron Leaf – Able to give your CannaBeast a one turn boost of 30 to their defense. (Stash 3, Ambush)
Liquid Seaweed – Boosts your Indica CannaBeasts by 30 attack and defense while in play (Stash 3, Nutrient)

Thanks, Cannafam! Stay Stoney!

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